Globe Home Broadband LTE?

Globe home broadband LTE? I don’t even want to talk about it. Yet, I’m so frustrated that everytime a webpage fails to load, I’m going to rant in this blog.

Black Screen of Death
The Black Screen of Death when no page loads due to Globe’s intermittent connection

Mobile Data Is Faster

A lot faster. And we’re talking about a 5 mbps LTE subscription. How does that happen? A huge modem complete with outdoor antenna is supposed to perform way faster than a tiny built-in modem on a mobile phone, and yet Globe home LTE crawls like a bug, squirms like a worm.

Globe Throttles Speed

And not just after you exhaust your data allowance. In my experience, when I consume my data allowance for a given month and order volume boost to continue browsing, the next month starts with a really, really slow and hideously intermitent internet connection. While I’m writing this section, Globe’s slow, intermitent internet has gone on for over half the month of a suppposed-to-be 5-mbps subscription.

When Globe thinks that you’re an avid internet user, it’s as if they block your internet access, or bring you down in terms of priority among competing users, leaving you with leftover internet. Would Globe say it’s part of their “fair use policy”? I’m just too frustrated to find out.

A Ripoff?

Has nobody ever sued Globe for selling services that they cannot deliver on? For instance, Globe sells 5 mbps internet, yet you’d be lucky if you get over 0.2 mbps. I can hardly load any webpages at all. It’s almost a ripoff. Or is it not already?

Would you care to upgrade to a 10 mbps internet, then? If their 5 mbps internet gives you less than 0.2 mbps speed, how fast do you think a 10 mbps internet will bring you? 0.4 mbps? I wouldn’t bother upgrading, honestly.

Last updated September 7, 2017
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