Paladong Festival 2016

Paladong is an annual festival that echoes the old traditions of the ethnic Kamayo. Performed through tribal music and dancing, the paladong ritual invokes the spirits for aid and guidance.


The native priest, known as the ladungan or babaylan, officiates the ritual.


Paladong is usually performed in response to a harmful event, like when a mother loses her child to the unknown.


When people go missing or are struck with illness, the native priest is called upon to perform the ladong ritual.


Along with tribal music, the paladong is performed through dancing.


In earlier antiquity, the native priests used to be women, hence the name babaylan, from the word for woman or babaye.


The Paladong Festival is held in the town of Hinatuan in Surigao del Sur, Philippines.


Merrymaking follows a successful ritual of paladong.


Dancers today make use of colorful props and uptempo rhythm.


This festive event marks the highlight of Hinatuan’s town fiesta.

Paladong Festival is held every 28th of August, though in 2016 the festival fell on the 27th, instead of Sunday the 28th.

Would you be thrilled to watch the Paladong Festival?

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Last updated August 11, 2017
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