Meet Deomar Pandan

Deomar Pandan is an online writer, jeweler and entrepreneur. He dreams of one day publishing a novel. While that dream sounds lofty to the point of incredible, Deomar does everything he can to make that goal a reality.

Young Deomar Pandan
Deomar Pandan in his youth. He’s always loved fashion and photography.


Deomar Pandan draws inspiration from astrology for his jewelry. When he was 21, Deomar Pandan picked up a peculiar-looking book from a secondhand bookstore. Though he’s already read quite a few astrology books, this one spoke gibberish to him. The book contained weird symbols and diagrams, and looked much like the witch’s book of shadow he saw on films. He bought the book anyway, and read it thoroughly.

Deomar Pandan
Deomar Pandan in his birthstone, moonstone

He was surprised to realize that, despite thinking the book weird, he absorbed its content like water to a sponge. Zodiac signs, ruling planets, elements, how they were and why they were so — it all became clear to him. The world of astrology unraveled in full view before his imagination, and he was struck with awe at its richness.


Seven years later, Deomar Pandan decided to start making jewelry. Though he decided to put astrology to the back-burner, his new craft took him back to his old habit. He couldn’t help but consult astrology for his choice of gems.

The List of Birthstones by Month
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His own research took him even deeper to the world of crystals and talismanic gems. Deomar’s father used to brag about owning a diamond, and how it protected him from poison when a wineglass’ bottom fell cleanly off the glass he was holding. Drawn to beliefs of this sort, Deomar looked into the metaphysical properties, not only of diamond, but of every gemstone associated with the zodiac signs.


Deomar Pandan lives in the Philippines, which is home to diverse ethnic cultures. While he uses modern method of jewelry-making, Deomar hopes to one day make intricate jewelry inspired by rich ethnic designs, yet built the modern way.

Red jasper choker for men made by Deomar Pandan
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The Future

Deomar Pandan loves photography, and collects shells as well. Yet what he loves the most is to write fiction, since he’s got these vast substitute realities inside his head that he alone knows about. Supporting his writing through entrepreneurship, Deomar is determined to make these fantasy realms known to the rest of the world.

Do you believe in Deomar? He’d love to get your support. Obtain his designs, or share his works. Your help would be much appreciated.


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